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Bon Vivant

£1,868.68 (inc Australian GST) £1,698.80 (exc Australian GST)


You are a social butterfly with a passion for the finer things in life; travel, good food and wine. You live your life to the fullest, and teach others the joy of living; joie de vivre.


  • Seductive plunging back, sultry hourglass silhouette
  • Made from vintage cotton Battenburg lace
  • Lined with nude-coloured silk, to accentuate the bold motifs in the lace
  • Dance the night away in breathable natural fibres
  • The lace is soft and has a gentle stretch, making this dress very comfortable to wear
  • Optional train
  • Hand-crafted in our Sydney studio, with respect for people and planet
  • Order online, no need to visit intimidating bridal boutiques
  • Easily adjustable should your measurements change
  • Ready-made sizes available or we can custom-make to your measurements
  • Try this dress on at our Sydney store or have it shipped to you, worldwide
  • Returns accepted
  • Free shipping
  • Try before you buy: borrow a sample dress first to try on at home


Can find exactly what you need? Email us for a custom order.

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  • SYDNEY 2042
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